Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Angela Lansbury

Heidi and I went to San Francisco on Friday to see a Broadway show.  "Blithe Spirit" was being performed at the SHN Golden Gate Theatre and Angela Lansbury was performing.  She is one of my favorite actresses.  I have always admired her classy demeanor from growing up watching Murder, She Wrote.  A deal came up for this play on Restaurant.com and we decided to go for it.

We left work early to drive out to Dublin/Pleasanton and take BART into the city.  We had dinner at Urban Tavern, a nearby restaurant.  They had a special dinner menu for those going to see the play.  The food was amazing.  It was a beautiful restaurant, and the service was wonderful.  We took our dessert to go and walked the few blocks to the theatre.

The play was fantastic!  It was incredible seeing this 89-year-old woman verbally and physically interact with little to no evidence of her age.  The witty dialogue was hilarious, especially the barbs Lansbury threw out.  We were in the back row of the mezzanine, the seat rows were a little too tight for our knees, but we had a decent view.  The theatre was so ornate.

We took BART back out of the city and finally made it to our hotel at half past midnight, dead tired.  In the morning we took our time getting up and eventually made it out to Dean's Cafe, a local place we found for breakfast, known for their huge omelettes.  They make them with four eggs, so we shared one (along with a couple of their specialty waffles). We stuffed clams, bacon, avocado and mushrooms into ours, and it was delicious!

We drove around the city a bit before heading home, even stopping to enjoy a farmer's market.  We made it home by late afternoon and still had the rest of the weekend ahead of us.  It made for a wonderful mini-vacation out of town.