Saturday, September 10, 2011

Seattle, Here We Come!

I booked flights to take Joy back to SPU for her sophomore year in a couple weeks.  We were originally planning on a roadtrip, but my enthusiasm toward that much driving started to wane as the trip got closer.  I don't know if it's because I'm getting older (I hope that isn't it), or because I'm doing a lot of repetitive daily driving for work now and I made four trips to Orange County this summer.

So I looked into flights and car rentals.  I was able to use my Alaska Airlines miles to cover her one-way ticket and half of my round-trip ticket.  And our dear friends Leroy and Karen are letting us stay in their house and use their car while they're in Orange County for a wedding.

I had really wanted to get back up there this year, so I'm really excited for this trip.  I don't think my mom can handle another trip to Seattle, and I don't think Joy can handle a solo trip with Dad, so I'm grateful that work is being so flexible about letting me take this trip.  And a chance to see my grandmother this year really makes me happy.

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