Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011 Year in Review

So it's time for the annual wrap-up.  2011 was a year of monumental changes.  I had no idea I'd be where I am now.

Can I say that I'm glad 2011 is finally over?  It's been absolutely exhausting.  There's not a lot on this list quantitatively, but qualitatively, it's been huge.
  • Finished most of Busy Season #5, this one was a tie with #4 for worst one.
  • Got a new job in April
  • Took up kenpo karate, and have so far advanced to yellow belt rank
  • Completed 5th & 6th boys' leader term in Awana and started term as Games Director (who would have guessed that from the type of kid I was?)--and I thought 5th and 6th grade boys was a stretch last year
  • Did my first (sprint) triathlon
  • Biked the Fresno Classic Mini-Metric (35 mi) ride
  • Injured my heel doing sprints to train for a marathon
  • Ran the Trail of Two Cities Half Marathon in near-record time
  • Started my own Spades group
  • Daniel moved out in September, amicable departure, but it was time for me to live alone again
  • Started feeling as though I actually lived in my own house
  • Started teaching Kindergarten Sunday School once a month
  • Flew up to Seattle to move my sister Joy back into the dorms for her sophomore year
  • Bought a new car, 1999 Toyota RAV4
  • Bartended at a wedding (just wine and champagne, very easy, but very fun)
  • Flew an airplane through a Groupon deal
  • 2nd Christmas spent in Fresno
  • Got my tonsils taken out
That second one, the new job--WOW!  My whole life has changed because of that one.

And I wonder what's next.

My 2011 resolution was to actively work at getting more rest.  I think I'm sleeping more (or at least doing better at not skipping sleep like I used to), but all the change and stress of this year triggered my sleep apnea diagnosis.  That's the goal behind getting my tonsils out.  So I'd say I did a decent job at that resolution in 2011.

I think in 2012, I want to work at having a better understanding of what God has planned for me in ministry.  I love what I'm doing in my church now and wonder how God wants me to better use this extra time I have when I'm not working now that I'll soon have a year of experience under me in this new job.

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