Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeling Whiny and Wimpy

So I seem to have almost completely recovered from tonsils surgery and went back to work on Monday.  The recovery process was brutal, but having some time off work was beyond needed.  I have been far too stressed out over getting a big project done.  I got my voice mostly back on the 5th, eight days after the surgery, but it was still regularly giving out on me.

I had my follow-up with the doctor on Tuesday, and he said I'm healing well and can resume normal activities.  Good thing since I had restarted karate a week prior and work the day before the appointment.  I did wait to run until after the appointment, but that was only because of scheduling conflicts with my running partners.

So I came back to work with a lot on my plate.  On Monday and Tuesday, I called it quits after 8 hours, but Wednesday and Thursday were 14-hour days.  Friday was 9.  That's 53 hours for the week, and I still feel dead from it all.  I can't help but feel like I've gone soft.  I used to do 55+ for weeks on end back at Deloitte.

I need to remember to cut myself some slack for recovering from surgery.  My voice and overall energy levels were not at their peak.

I try to remember that with my running too.  Amy, Alicia, Dina and I ran 5 miles this morning, at a 10:15 pace.  Way slower than our pre-Christmas pace, and I was not holding the team back, but I was the only one who had been under doctor's orders not to run.  But I decided to be grateful for the distance, because Amy and I have a half-marathon in less than a month, and we just need to finish.

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