Friday, June 28, 2013

Seattle & Joy's Graduation - Day 4

Amy and I awoke and left her uncle’s house at 3:30 a.m. to catch our flight home.  Ugh, I was so anxious for these early mornings to be over.  We dropped the rental car off, but I forgot my lumber support pillow in the front seat and didn’t figure it out until we were going through security.  By that time, it was too late to turn around.  As I recall, our first flight to San Francisco was uneventful, but with how the rest of the day would be unfolding, I no longer remember the first flight.  I know that I finished my knitting square, and did some more Sudoku puzzles.

This time we had some cushion in our layover, so I pulled out my United Club passes that I received as a perk of having a United credit card, and we got to hang out in the United Club lounge while we waited.  Free continental breakfast, free wireless, and comfy chairs to rest in.

We walked out about a half hour before our flight was scheduled to depart and when we looked at the board to verify the gate, we saw that the flight was delayed an hour.  So we shrugged and went back into the lounge.  After said hour, I got an auto call from United saying our flight had been canceled.  Another perk of the lounge: a whole service desk available only to people in the lounge.  So where usually there’s only one or two people serving everyone at a gate, there were three people helping a much smaller group of us.

The next two flights home were booked.  They wouldn’t rent us a car because of the liability issue (if I crash, United could be on the hook).  But they were going to arrange a shuttle bus.  Details pending, we went back to sit down.  An hour later, we still hadn’t been paged or anything, so we went back up to the desk.  Round and round we went.  We were just about to give up, rent a one-way car on our dime and drive, when a seat opened up on the 1:30p flight.  I put Amy on it, and—for the first time—the clerks offered a standby option.  Then a seat opened up on the 8:30p flight, and they booked me for that so I’d have a reserved seat and then issued me a standby ticket for 1:30p.

We went over to our gate for the 1:30p flight.  While we were waiting, I saw one of my FPU professors!  He was on his way home from China and had been traveling even longer than we had.  We talked for awhile until we boarded.  I was number 5 on the standby list, but I got on!  People were missing this flight because their flights into SF had been delayed or cancelled, so that’s how so many seats opened up.

We finally arrived home, a few hours later than planned, but it worked.  Amy’s sister picked us up with four of Amy’s five kids coming direct from school.  They dropped me off at home first.  The first thing I noticed was how tall my grass was, so I kept Titus with me to help with some yard work.  We got the lawn mowed and a little other clean-up done, and then I took him home.

Then I asked my friend and neighbor Greg to help me transport cars.  Heidi had driven to my house on Friday.  I wanted to get her car back to her apartment so that I could take her directly home when I picked her up at 10p that night without her having to do more driving.  I ended up leaving my car there so I could clean out Heidi’s car a little for her before picking her up.

I picked Heidi up.  She had to walk to me from the walk-out area to the cell phone waiting area because her cell phone had died and she couldn’t call to tell me she was ready.  I dropped her off and then drove home to sleep so I could tackle Tuesday.  Phew!  I did it!  Travel blog done!

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