Saturday, August 27, 2011

Badge of Honor

I put in my first 12-hour day at the not-so-new job.  It was the first time I had left work when it was dark outside (which I realize will soon become a normal occurrence with the time change).  I saw the janitors show up.

It felt oddly comforting.  Something about knowing I can still work hard.  I joke with friends that I now only work 40-45 hours/week, and it feels like a part-time job, but there is a ring of truth to that for me.  I feel guilty leaving at 5:15 for karate on Tuesday and Thursdays.  While I don't arrive until 8:30/9, I don't take a lunch break usually.  Some people leave by 5, others stay until 6ish, rarely until 7.  But I still feel like I'm establishing my reputation.

But simultaneously, I have begun to feel more and more like this is my new normal.  Not just a new audit I'm on that I'll leave soon, but that I really am here until I deliberately resign and take another position.  We had some bank auditors come this week, and it was my job to prepare for them.  I did pretty well, and I think being the experienced one conveying information about our company did a lot for making me feel more settled here.

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