Saturday, August 20, 2011

Planter Boxes

My friend Garry wanted to build some planter boxes at his new house for his wife Jenny to use for gardening.  Another friend in our church, Jon, is very handy and has made three such planter boxes.  So Jon volunteered to help Garry build one and I volunteered to help so I could learn how to do this as well.  It's something I'd be interested in doing at my house one day.  It was actually very easy to construct the frame, but the treated wood is really expensive.  Then there's the process of getting dirt, which Jon and I didn't help with.  :-)

Cool to hang out with some fellow Christian guys on a Saturday morning and learn how to do something new.

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  1. Hey Karl,
    Good for you! Fred made my boxes and treated the wood himself. I'll find out what the stuff was called, but it's supposed to be safe for vegetable garden boxes. I love mine. It's the easiest garden I've ever cared for.