Sunday, March 25, 2012

Global Cafe

So I've avoiding God on something for awhile now, and He finally got me to step in line.

Our church has a strong relationship with nearby CSU Fresno, particularly with the international exchange students who come here to learn English.  On Sunday nights, we host Global Cafe, where we serve dinner and provide conversation partners for international students to come and practice their English speaking skills.

According to our church's website and weekly bulletins, no experience is required.  Sounds easy.  But yet, I have always found countless excuses not to go over the last year-plus that we've been doing this ministry.  I did legitimately have a Growth Group with church start up in 2012 that was meeting on Sunday nights.  But we take a 2-week break every quarter, and God started tapping on my heart.

I tried to make another excuse: 5 hours at Awana Games yesterday, teaching 19 4-year-olds in Sunday School this morning, Amy's kids giving her attitude as I was making dinner at her house, etc.  But I knew God wanted me at Global Cafe tonight.

I went and, not surprisingly, had a great time conversing with a student from Korea studying business.  My friend Mary cooks dinner for the event and made a delicious taco soup.

So I can make dozens of excuses, but I'm learning that when God wants something done, He keeps prodding until my heart bends toward obedience rather than resistance of His development plan for me as His servant.


  1. Probably easier than the "swallowed by a whale" route. ;)

  2. Hmmm, yes, that has been my experience, too.
    Good for you for being obedient. I suppose I should do the same. But... I am so comfortable here.

    Thanks for the reminder