Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lost & Found

Ever since December, I have started down a scary path of losing and forgetting things. To date, this is the list of items gone missing:
  • iPod shuffle
  • a credit card
  • CD walkman
  • and two or three other things I can't remember right now (seriously)
I'm blaming this on a combination of work stress and a lack of prep in hosting. The work stress is self-explanatory. But I did so much hosting in December for various things, that in the last-minute rush before guests arrived, I would shove the last bit of stuff away somewhere to deal with later. It happened so many times that I forgot some of my hiding places.

I have scoured this house and my car for these items many times over. It's been driving me crazy.

The iPod shuffle was the worst, because it requires either music or a running partner to get me to run longer distances (or run, period). My main running partner is not waterproof, so she kept canceling on me due to rain. I went almost a month without running. When I started again a month ago, I wasn't able to cross the 4.5-mile hurdle.

I finally gave in and bought a new one on Amazon last week. It arrived Thursday. The night before, I found the old one! It was under the front seat of the car. I had looked and felt under there countless times. It was underneath the car alarm Mike had helped me disconnect back in early December. The alarm unit is only about 3" x 3" in size. In all that time, I would have expected it to shift around that I would have seen the iPod shuffle or the cord at some point, but no such luck. I just hadn't bothered to take the alarm unit out of the car. Oh well, at least I have one for the Blossom Trail race.

The credit card I found a few weeks later in a sweater. Pockets are the main places I keep checking. I'm baffled at how I still haven't come across some of this stuff yet.

Just more evidence that I'm really losing it.  :-)

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