Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Internal Struggle

I'm trying to wrap up paper #4 for my seminary class before I leave for Mexico on Friday.  This one is to be written about the purpose and function of the tithe in the OT.

I geared my direction of the paper around not utilizing sources outside of the Bible and our assigned course commentary, just like I have in my previous three papers.

I'm wrapping up page 5 (it has to be between 7 and 10 pages), and I just hit the point where I'm seeing the potential discussion points swell, and how much my paper would be enhanced by researching some outside sources for inclusion in this paper.

But I would need more time than I have before I leave to expand it and make sure I maintain cohesive quality.  I so desperately do not want to ask for an extension on this.  I've done very well in the class so far, and I know I could probably get one if I sent the prof what I have and say that I want to make it better, but I think I care more about not having to ask for an extension.  I would rather this professor remember me for not being an inconvenience to his schedule by asking to turn a paper in a week and a half late and writing a mediocre paper, than writing a stellar paper and interrupting his expected work flow.

Okay, now that debate is resolved in my head.  I get distracted very easily.  Back to writing.


  1. OR, have the prof remember you as a hard worker who COULD have turned in a mediocre paper on time, but chose to ask for an extension because turning in an excellent paper with great content outweighed the risks for you of asking for an extension. Just sayin'...

  2. Exactly, Sarah! Professors get upset when students ask for extensions because they have not even begun their papers or because they waited until it was too late to finish. I think the prof would be thrilled to know that you became so interested in the topic that you wanted more time to research it well. If you send him evidence that the paper is taking shape and you could finish it, and then ask him for more time, I am sure that you would win his approval. It's kind of late now, but I had to add my opinion. I am proud of you for even debating the issue and for letting us know about it. Blessings on your paper and your trip!