Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

This was a good one.  I love this holiday!

Started Monday with a six-mile run with Alicia.  I needed to start building distance for marathon training.  We slept in a little too long, though, because running at 7:30 meant finishing our run in 84-degree weather.  We were dying, but we did it.

Then I came home, took a nice cold shower, and laid down to watch a movie.  One of the Big Lots/Wal-Mart bargain bins ones that was nice, but I probably wouldn’t watch again, so I moved it to the garage sale closet.

I set out some butter to soften and frozen bananas to thaw and turned on my computer.  I caught up on all my Quicken work.  It’s amazing how getting that done always makes me feel more relaxed.

Then back to the kitchen to whip up some banana bread to take over to Tiffany’s for the BBQ.  A few of the families in the church that I play Spades with were getting together later in the afternoon.  I also invited Todd, Alicia and the boys to come hang out since there would be some other kids their age.  It was a great afternoon and evening of fellowship.  The food was awesome, and I always enjoy getting to throw kids around in the pool.  I got a few scrapes on my foot and hand from the rough pool surface, though.

Once it got dark, we headed out front for the fireworks with Tiffany’s neighbors.  As I’ve gotten older, I find myself less and less interested in fireworks.  Cole and Kyle climbed in my lap, and we just watched most of them.  We had lots of sparklers, though, and I even did a couple.  Very unpleasant to step barefoot on a live spark and singe the bottom of your foot.  OUCH!  It was painful to have my sandals on because of the scrape from the pool on top of my foot, and painful to be without them because of the burn under my foot.

Finished the night with a few rounds of spoons with Katie, Tiffany and her son Kyle.  Apparently Tiffany has never lost this game, but she lost a few rounds that night.  I could tell that she was really tired.

A wonderful holiday.  Friends make all the difference in the world. 

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