Thursday, July 21, 2011


In so many areas of my life, I am all about following consistent procedures. I understand that a breakdown in controls is how error or fraud occurs, not just in an audit sense, but in life. That’s what so many T.V. shows and movies are based upon. The hero or heroine just needs to figure out the weak link in the impenetrable wall of the enemy to accomplish their mission (e.g. one security guard never missing his favorite T.V. show from 7:30 to 8).

But yet I hate check-in procedures with a deep and utter loathing from my soul. I hate having to sign my name, show a badge, or otherwise yield to a receptionist or security guard. I carry address labels to expedite paperwork at doctor’s offices. As an auditor, I tried to make friends with the receptionists at all my clients to avoid repetitive daily sign-ins, and it worked most of the time. At my current job, we have to show a badge to enter the company lot. There’s some bad pride in me that says I have worked hard enough to be elevated to such a level that I shouldn’t have to bother with this menial admin work or submit to someone else.

I'm a work in progress.

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