Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Can I Do?

I don’t ask that resignedly, I ask it seriously.


As part of my continuing education for my CPA license, I’m taking a leadership course with 15 other CPA’s in Fresno.  We meet six times, on a monthly basis, to hear a lecture, discuss it, brainstorm, and network.  I’m really enjoying it.


Next week’s session is on ethics.  I just received the Powerpoint.  Slide 2 is of a Craigslist ad from someone trying to get their CPA license, but doesn’t have time to take the California-required ethics exam.  He was looking to pay someone to take it for him.  I feel physically ill at the thought of this.


Being fair, I do remember the plight of that workload and trying to find time to study.  Some of the fault should be on the firms putting so much pressure on employees.  But it’s always a choice for the employee of whether to fold or to stand up and insist on more reasonable accommodations at work.


I want to do something about this.  I want to see if I could be involved in helping the state catch these cheaters.  It would be very difficult to do if they’re clever.  And I question what the consequences should be.  Part of me wants to say permanent blacklisting from becoming a CPA.  Another part wants to show some grace in what may have been one bad choice in a weak moment rather than a pattern of such behavior, and to extend a non-permanent penalty such as a fine and a deferral of one’s license (three years until being able to make any further steps toward licensure).

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