Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bass Lake

After the MCC Sale, Terry, JoAnne & I drove up to visit Steve at his cabin on Bass Lake on Friday night.

Steve gave Terry and JoAnne a tour of the upstairs and told them part of the story of the place.  I was amazed at how much progress he had made since I had been there last, doubling the size of the main living room, and extended both the north & south rooflines.  We settled in for the night pretty quickly because it was pretty late.

The next morning Steve drove us over to The Forks restaurant for breakfast.  After breakfast, we went for a short hike/walk out to Flat Rock.  There's a trailhead, but we only went about half a mile to a beautiful spot overlooking most of the lake and then walked back.

Steve then drove us around the lake to get a lay of the land and to check out some of the local shops before heading back to The Forks for lunch (their food was good enough to warrant a second trip back).  Afterward, we went on a hike from the Wonder Valley trailhead up a progressive waterfall.  My head was warm thanks to JoAnne graciously buying me a beanie since I had forgotten mine in Fresno.  Some beautiful sights as we hiked up a river/waterfall.  We also got some cool pictures at various spots.

After going back home we changed and headed to the Chukchansi Indian Casino.  I had never been there before, not being much a fan of gambling.  In fact, when I worked for D&T, they were a client, so no one in the firm was permitted to gamble there for independence reasons.

I joined the players club they have because I received $10 of playing credit because it was my birthday month.  I played on one of the card game machines and used it up pretty quickly, although I did win a fair amount of poker hands to keep it going for awhile.  But the cigarette smoke was unpleasant, so I was happy to be done when I was.

We then had dinner at one of the casino's restaurants, and I followed Terry & JoAnne in ordering pot roast.  I never liked it growing up because my mom and grandma always made it with mushrooms (which I still don't care for), and I don't think I had tried it as an adult, and was pleasantly surprised by the taste of.

We went home and chatted more for the evening before heading to bed.  We had an early departure planned to make it to my church back in Fresno.

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